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Artistic Statement

As an artist, Danielle aims to create works that are an expression of human consciousness through the medium of physical exploration. They may or may not have the intention of telling a story but the act of removing the audience’s previous experiences from the dance is to her, impossible. She believes dance can reveal physical, mental, and emotional information stored within the performer, choreographer, and viewer to reveal aspects so profound it can free the spirit of a person, culture, or generation. She also believes dance has the innate ability to heal and to express. It has an intrinsic and visceral honesty with which each body moves. Natural, uninhibited, authentic movement cannot be duplicated, only reproduced and interpreted. It becomes a transformative act rather than a facsimile. A dance will inevitably change with respect to its environment and dancers; but its communicative powers remain and its capabilities to transform persist.

Photo Credit: Nehamashots

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