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Teaching Philosophy

On Technical Training


Danielle's instruction of dance technique is grounded in the somatic and holistic approach. She strives to provide her students with technical training that is both safe and effective. From her years as a professional dancer and working with physical therapists, she has come to understand the importance of holistic training, treating the whole dancer so that technical proficiency with sound anatomical alignment can be encouraged.


On Artistry and Autonomy

Danielle finds it is important that artistic expression be developed to fulfill individual ideas, thoughts, and emotions in the dancer. She believes finding one’s voice is of utmost importance so dancers can learn who they are as artists and who they might like to become. It is at this point where Danielle fosters creativity to persuade dancers beyond their perceived limitations. Through creating and maintaining an environment that is based upon trust and mutual respect, Danielle acts as a guide to navigate the students’ education and help them flourish as artists. However, she also urges her students to explore unknown areas in order to drive their development so that meaningful artistic growth can occur. She also believes in developing students and artists that can dance between the lines of autonomy and collaboration, who have a strong sense of self while allowing themselves to integrate artistically with others. She seeks to produce artists that can work both individually and collectively to further establish artistic connections related not only to dance but to other arts as well.

On Diversity


Equality and social justice are common themes in her classes and believes their inquiry and analysis are an integral part of the development of future artists. As an educator, she believes it is our duty to produce artists that are socially and culturally conscious and can communicate on a global level. it is her firm belief that we must celebrate diversity. Our differences are indeed what make us unique and an inclusive representation of that uniqueness is what allows us to be culturally aware. She is committed to working with diverse student, faculty, and community populations as a collaborative member. "As educators we have a duty to lead by example and demonstrate the various ways we can learn from one another so as to build a more resilient future."

On Mentorship

Danielle is a huge advocate for mentoring and enjoys developing students' portfolios and the network of individuals they can interact with in order to receive support throughout their journey. She begins by considering the development of each students’ distinctive technique and artistry and helps them to contemplate and clarify their visions along the way.

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